One of the most common urological diseases in men is inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis). According to statistics, men under the age of 45 suffer from prostatitis. Most often, inflammation of the prostate gland is primarily chronic, that is, it appears without visible acute onset.
In case of any disease, doctors insist on reviewing the diet of the sick person - in order to increase the effectiveness of therapy, speed up recovery and prevent aggravation.

Impotence can be a concomitant disease of prostatitis. This is a disease in which men have an erection. For this modern science came up with the substance Sildenafil Citrate. In India, the world famous company Ajanta Pharma has created a drug called Kamagra. The composition of this drug is 100mg of Sildenafil.

The majority of men suffering from prostatitis, the disease develops asymptomatically. In the initial stages, when there is still no complete clinical picture, deterioration of health and general condition, weakness can tell about prostatitis. A man becomes nervous, irritable, sweating increases, depression appears, even his interest in life is reduced to some extent. As already mentioned prostatitis and impotence can occur simultaneously. For the treatment of impotence, Pfizer came up with the famous Viagra, many men call it the magic blue pill.


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